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Release Date: 16th February 2018

The debut album from the band formed of members from Shearwater and Cross Record is a feverish dream of experimental acoustic and electronic sounds and moods that makes sure this is not an album you can pin down. Art-rock? Alt-rock? Folk-rock? Electro? Country? Indie-pop? It’s all there and more - but forget all that. We suggest you just stick it on and get swept away by its awe and Cross’s angelic vocals!

“Loma is Emily Cross and Dan Duszynski (Cross Record), and Jonathan Meiburg (Shearwater). Loma's enigmatic debut feels beautifully adrift in time and space. It's an album that takes you to a place you've never been, with a rare confidence in the strength of its own vision. Though it was recorded off a dirt road in rural Texas, there's no hint of country here: from the first airy notes of Who Is Speaking? to the decaying choir of Black Willow, Loma create a hypnotic world of their own, where rustling leaves, fuzzed-out basses, panting dogs, prepared pianos, and a wilderness of percussion form a backdrop for Emily Cross's translucent voice. She's a steady, clear-eyed presence throughout, even among the heart-pounding pulses of Relay Runner, the skittering drums of Dark Oscillations and the galloping release of Joy; in sparer songs like Shadow Relief and the haunting I Don't Want Children, she's a fearless ally, swimming calmly with you against a powerful undertow. Loma is inviting but also beautifully self-contained, like a dream that stays with you all day. There's something here for lovers of Nina Nastasia or Broadcast, but also Linda Thompson, or The Silver Apples - even early Pink Floyd. But most of all, this arresting and mysterious album marks the arrival of a band whose first steps already feel timeless. Loma was recorded by the group at Dandy Sounds Studios in Dripping Springs, Texas and mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound.“