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Release Date: 10th November 2017


The 2nd LP from Strahil Velchev aka KiNK who has become one of finest purveyor's of funk in techno and house. The pure need to recreate moments feelings and experience - rather than carbon copies of existing designs - was what started KiNK's production work. Hailing from Bulgaria it was nearly impossible to get your hands on all the records and music that fed into a system of raves clubs and record shops that seemed far away from Sofia and financially it might as well have meant another galaxy. Wanting to DJ without having access to the tracks that spun the carousel meant that you had to create them yourselves. So here we go with a private bootlegger gone public mastermind and one of the loudest voices in house techno and beyond. Simultaneously a sound-summary the harvest of a field of ideas and the exhibition of an artist in his prime it also works as a sort of KiNK dictionary: avant-garde soundscapes stand next to boisterous bangers classic club tracks and peak time emotions find their idiosyncratic and contemplative counterparts. Spanning 3 discs Playground is a modern epic of funk-fested electronica dance music that covers all the basses!