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Release Date: 14th July 2017


New Kung-Fu Kenny! Damn it's been a bit of wait for the vinyl release of this but it was sure worth the wait. The most important man in hip-hop and potentially in music in general right now shows no sign of slowing down following up last years demos collection Untitled Unmastered and 2015's record of the year To Pimp A Butterfly with yet another collection of wall to wall bangers! DAMN. sees Lamar changing his style once more moving away from the jazz-influenced sounds on To Pimp A Butterfly and Untitled Unmastered for a more sparse and darker approach which strikes a neat balance between spiritual content personal reflection and socio-political comment. He can even make a guest spot from U2 work and sound great! Rihanna also guest stars as does Zacari whilst the record has production work by James Blake and Steve Lacy from the Internet.