Ceres - We Are A Team limited edition vinyl


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Release Date: 26th April 2019

"Don’t be shocked, but Ceres have made an album about love. Gone is the dark night of the soul that propelled 2016’s Drag It Down On You, replaced with a desire to spread positivity in the world via their third full-length, We Are A Team. “That was the whole reason for this album to be,” says frontman Tom Lanyon. You can hear it from the first line of the record – “I’m gonna get happy” – to the swooning, string-laden closing track “Something Good” with its refrain, “I think something good’s gonna happen”. Speaking of good things happening, Ceres are delighted to welcome new band member, multi-instrumentalist, Stacey Cicivelli. Accompanying today's album announcement is the release of the third track from the album Me & You, you guessed it, a love song. "'Me & You' is a love song. ‘Viv' was making a mistake. 'Kiss Me Crying' was an apology. And 'Me & You' is falling in love. Of those times I dream of you. Times I think too much about you. It’s me tripping over words that are hard to say—and you, beautiful you, saying exactly what you mean. Me, a dumb shit young kid. And you, the love of my life. Tell ‘em all it’s not for them, they never knew. Say what you want, but it was me, and it was you." It’s a far cry from where Lanyon found himself following the release of the Melbourne band’s 2017 standalone single, Stretch Ur Skin. A break-up song that provided Ceres with their biggest radio hit to date, regrettably it also caused some collateral emotional damage. “You break someone’s heart, and then three months later you release a song that breaks it back open again,” sighs the singer-guitarist. “I thought that was really selfish of me. It put me in this crazy funk; I should have been more responsible with what I was doing. I just felt really bad for that situation.” So much so that the frontman questioned the point of the band continuing as he struggled to see the merit in writing new material. The turning point came months later, as Lanyon and his current partner embarked on the early stages of courting. Her father Viv was, prior to his passing, an artist, and one day Lanyon took some of Viv’s work to a framer in Abbotsford. The singer would later write about the experience in the first single from We Are A Team, Viv In The Front Seat, a song that not only heralded the start of a new relationship, but a new beginning for the band. When I wrote ‘Viv In The Front Seat’ I thought, I know what I can do now. I can write a goddamn love record. I can write love songs and be positive, and this could be a positive change for the band. We Are A Team is not this dark, at the bottom of everything kind of record. It’s a more uplifting thing.