Alien Boy - Sleeping Lessons limited edition vinyl


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Release Date: 23rd November 2018

Limited edition pressing of just 300 on pink and white mix vinyl! Portland's Alien Boy make shoegaze and Britpop inspired emo pop-punk that reaches for the stars and doesn't take no for an answer in its unrelenting, epic rock rally-cries. The scope of sound and range from this band will have you trying to think of what the next part reminds you of before you've even had time to identify the part before. One more band in the category of terrible name but brilliant band! 

For Fans Of: Tigers Jaw, Pity Sex, Strange Ranger, Stove


"In a scene where abstruse lyrics and ironic detachment are all the rage, Alien Boys high-stakes, brash pop is as refreshing as it is surprising. Lead singer and songwriter Sonia Weber communicates subdued desires and secret grievances in the grand tradition of emo and pop-punk and rock n roll in general making the Portland, OR bands infectious debut LP Sleeping Lessons is a collection of lullabies for the pop masochist. And like all great, emotional music, these ten dynamic songs are resonant because theyre unmistakably human. Alien Boy takes its name from a Wipers song, but elsewhere the groups PNW lineage is felt in a mordant grit gleaned from Team Dresch and early Heatmiser. It sets the tone for Weber to mix her deep-seated love of early 2000s generational touchstones with a Britpop frostiness to brilliant and totally unique results. From the tremolo dives and Stone Roses references on Ride-y opener Somewhere Without Me, to the sun-kissed, power-pop bliss of 600 Days. Webers melodies are so bright and effective its easy to forget they come from a place of absolute emotional torment."