s. carey hundred acres limited edition vinyl


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Release Date: 23rd February 2018

Sean Carey, aka S. Carey, the drummer and supporting vocalist in Bon Iver, finally steps out of the shadows of the band's leading man, Justin Vernon, with this incredible new album. S. Carey's music is not too dissimilar to Bon Iver with it's mix of folk, rock, pop and orchestral movements. Full of beautiful melodies, harmonies and arrangements - Hundred Acres will soundtrack any of your journeys with a view! Just stick it on, look out of the window and think about life n' stuff. 

For Fans Of: Bon Iver, The Tallest Man On Earth, Fleet Foxes, In Tall Buildings

"At its heart, Hundred Acres - the third full-length album from Wisconsin singer / songwriter S Carey - finds him grounded comfortably in his skin, but still with one foot in the stream. More direct than ever, there is a wellspring of confidence in this new batch of songs that lays bare the intricacies of life while keeping its ideas uncomplicated. By giving equal status to the indifference of nature and the concerns of a material world - while employing more pop-oriented structures instead of the Steve Reich - or Talk Talk-ian repetitions of his past work - a new balance is struck that creates something unique. This in turn provides equal status for the feeling that created each song, and the feeling each song creates. Almost impossibly, there is more air between the bars; Carey and his contributors sway like treetops in the wind, remaining flexible enough that they never threaten to break. As a serious artist entering his prime, Carey presents these songs perhaps more like a Gerhard Richter Florence exhibition of masterfully over-painted photos than an ad hoc collage on the family fridge. They are at first easy-going with a wide-open front door, embracing simplicity in structure and lyrical straight-forwardness, then suddenly hopelessly beautiful, revealing, and breathtaking. Written over the course of a few years, in between touring schedules and the growth of his family, Carey recorded, mixed and produced Hundred Acres at home and in various studios in rural Wisconsin with support from his longtime collaborators Zach Hanson, Ben Lester, and Jeremy Boettcher, as well as new contributions from Rob Moose (yMusic), Casey Foubert (Sufjan Stevens) and Sophie Payten (Gordi)."