Kacey Musgraves Golden Hour limited edition vinyl


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Release Date: 4th May 2018

T​he bad girl of country is back with Golden Hour - her fourth and best record so far! The record is her most honest and 'out there' album with Musgraves herself citing the influences of The Bee Gees, Sade and Neil Young and saying the record has a "trippy' twist (one track was written after having a conversation with her mother whilst on acid!). Golden Hour is an amazing blend of expertly crafted pop songs with a country twist - the best of both worlds! So if you like catchy choruses, huge hooks as well as country-folk guitars then this is the one for you. 

For Fans Of: Beck, First Aid Kit, Taylor Swift, Carly Rae-Jepsen


"Country superstar Kacey Musgraves fourth album Golden Hour, see's her follow her heart which meant trying out new styles as well as writing some of the most honest and genuine tunes of her career. Though she once expressed interest in making a reggae or surf rock album, Musgraves describes her new LP as having a “trippy” twist, citing the Bee Gees, Sade, and Neil Young as influences. And while she’s often celebrated for her clever wordplay and witty turns of phrase about small-town life, Musgraves says she avoided wrapping every lyric “up in a little bow” in favour of more direct, reflective songwriting. In addition to reuniting with previous collaborators such as Luke Laird, Shane McAnally, and Natalie Hemby, Musgraves sought out pals Ian Fitchuk and the Silver Seas’ Daniel Tashian as her primary co-producers and co-writers."