Kutiman - Don’t Hold Onto the Clouds limited edition vinyl


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Release Date: 6th July 2018

The multi-talented Israeli musician, artist, and animator Ophir Kutiel, aka Kutiman, only knows a left turn when it comes to his music, and yet again he has gone against his previous works. He’s previously created funk, soul, jazz, folk, rock, and most things in-between – now Kutiman has produced a minimal ambient electronica record to add to his collection, taking more influence for Steve Reich and Brian Eno than ever seen before. Don’t Hold Onto the Clouds comprises of only 4 tracks, yet is nearly 40 minutes long. Each track is an electronica expression, a miniature musing. If ambient, experimental electronica’s your thing – then you need to check this one out! 

For Fans Of: Tim Hecker, Brian Eno, Steve Reich, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith


"Fourth release on Kutiman's own record label Siyal Music following the sold out Space Cassava EP, White Monkey 45 and 6am album. In the era of the brand, Kutiman is an anomaly. A musician who’s a video artist who’s a producer who’s an animator who’s also the unwilling star of one of Israel’s most successful recent documentaries, his every record contrasts with whatever it was that came before. But that’s fundamental to his appeal: no one, not even him, really knows what to expect next. Unsurprisingly, therefore, Don’t Hold Onto the Clouds is no different, which means it’s like nothing he’s ever done. Most artists would acknowledge this by working under pseudonyms, but Kutiman is – yes, you’ve guessed it – different again. Don’t Hold Onto the Clouds is comprised of just four tracks - the shortest of which, Lucid Dream, still clocks in at almost eight minutes - it orbits within reach of, among other styles, Ambient, Electronica, Minimal and New Age, but refuses to settle on merely one. The A-Side features the airy Behind the Noise and Unknown, reeling the listener into a deep and meditation. Flip it over to the B- Side and you’ll find Mineral and Lucid Dream inducing an ethereal state. This new record is unusual to Kutiman’s typical style, revealing his love for the sounds of Terry Reilly, Moondog, Alice Coltrane and William Basinski. Recorded live by Kutiman over the course of the last year, the album also draws upon his growing love for Indian music, and, alongside extensive use of a Juno 6, features his first, unorthodox use of a tabla he received from his mother. Don’t Hold Onto the Clouds is meditative and enigmatic, like nothing he’s done before."