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Release Date: 11th May 2018

The modern dream-pop heroes, Baltimore's Beach House (aka Alex Scally & Victoria Legrand), release their (believe it or not) 7th album, titled (you guessed it!) 7. But if the title seems a little obvious, then you're in for a surprise as 7 signifies a reinvention of the band from the recording process, addition of the band's live drummer on the entire record and the resulting heavier and moodier tunes. This is still undeniably Beach House with their mystical fog of reverb and synths, and Legrand's uniquely breathy vocals - but their is new life in these tracks that will make you appreciate the band even more. 7th heaven! 

For Fans Of: Pinkshinyultrablast, Wye Oak, Briana Marela, Son Lux


"Beach House release 7, the group’s 7th full-length record, via Bella Union in Europe and Sub Pop in the US. features standouts including the Valentine’s Day single 'Lemon Glow' along with 'Black Car', 'Drunk In LA', 'Dark Spring' and the transcendent 'Dive'. All of the songs on 7 began in Beach House’s home studio in Baltimore, and were finished at Carriage House in Stamford, CT and Palmetto Studio in Los Angeles. The album was mixed by Alan Moulder. Beach House (Alex Scally & Victoria Legrand) released B-sides and Rarities in 2017, which served as a proverbial “cleaning out the closet” to pave the way for a new creative process. Their approach in the creation of 7 was one of rebirth and rejuvenation. Scally and Legrand used to limit themselves to what they thought they could perform live, but this time that limitation was ignored. Also, instead of one long studio session, Beach House recorded when inspired by batches of songs, which resulted in five mini-sessions over the course of eleven months. Unlike the last four albums, didn’t have a producer in the traditional sense. Spacemen 3’s Sonic Boom (Peter Kember) became a significant force on this record by shedding conventions and helping to keep the songs alive, fresh, and protected from the destructive elements of recording studio overproduction and over-perfection. The band’s trusted live drummer from 2016 to the present, James Barone, played on the entire record, helping to keep rhythm at the centre of a lot of these songs."